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Quilt Sweatshop II Update

(This picture is from last year’s batch of quilts)

Update on Quilt Sweatshop Marathon 2007: Thursday, my mom and I got 5 baby quilt tops sewn together. We decided to tag-team sew them, so we each sewed half of each quilt together and then joined them at the end. It helped us feel like we were making more progress, since one quilt comes together in half the time that way. Not too bad for an afternoon!

Today: added 4 quilt tops to the collection, bringing us to 9 finished quilt tops and 8 left to go (I thought we only had 15, but apparently we have 17). We’re over the hill, with more tops done than we have left to finish. We are going to wait to do the finishing work on each quilt until all the tops are completed.

*UPDATE on today’s update*

Since I typed that last little bit, I have put together 5 quilts with tops, batting, and backing. They’re all sewn together and ready to be tied, and then they’ll be done! I ran out of batting, so I guess I’ll have to hit the store up for more before I can finish assembling more quilts.

I used a thrifted Scottie Dog flannel sheet for 3 of the quilt backs, and some of a bolt of cream-colored flannel for the other 2. I set up two 4-foot tables in the living room for my quilting ease (although, it would be nice if they were counter-height instead of table-height, as hunching over the tables doesn’t really do the back a lot of good!), which was SOO much awesomer than finishing the quilts on the ground, which is what I have always done, and I just HATE. (I am the kind of person who will only play a board game if a table & chairs are involved – I hate to play on the ground, I don’t know why. Oh wait, yes I do, it’s because I don’t like to be UNCOMFORTABLE!!)