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Baby Knight

My mom bought several costume patterns a few months ago when patterns were on sale at our local fabric store. We dug the patterns out last week, and I looked at all the options. I decided that while the cowboy costume was cute (it has a full-length duster!), it wouldn’t really work for a 15 month-old, so I opted for a second choice: the Knight.

We surveyed our available materials, and everything we used in this costume was found in my mom’s stash! Amazing (does ANYTHING feel better than finding a use for gold lame from your stash??)! We went with moss green stretch velvet for the hood, muslin for the tunic, purple “dagging” (that’s our vocab word for the week – it’s the squarish-trim stuff on the sleeves and bottom hem of the tunic), a purple lion applique, and gold lame belt and leg-coverings (faux armor). I was concerned that the purple with gold lame would be too Easter pageant, but it turns out my fears were unfounded, as everything came together and looked awesome! My mom even found the gold braid in her stash and it perfectly went with the purple accents of the outfit.

The costume was simple, but had a lot of little pieces that made it more detailed than I thought it would. Working together was a great idea, though, because one of us pinned and assembled while the other one sewed, so it only took us an afternoon.

Anyway, it looks even cuter in person. Of course. :)