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Costumes Then and Now

A post on Diane’s excellent Craftypod blog compelled me to check through all my archive photos for the one in which I was dressed as Raggedy Ann as an almost 3 year-old. (Diane posted a pic of herself as Raggedy Ann, too!)

I love the red yarn wig, the ruffly cap & pinafore, and the striped socks and shoes!

I wrote a whole tiny zine on crafty costumes I had as a child, and I liked the zine so much that I converted it into an article for CROQ which I printed in last year’s October Issue. You can also find it in our shop – Issue 6. I also reprinted the article in this October’s Mini Croq. But enough about CROQ… back to the costumes.

You’ve already seen a photo of Lewis’ current costume – the knight with shining shins (although actually, I guess that other photo didn’t have the shining shins), but here’s another photo just for fun.

In my quick perusal of the archive photos, I also found this one – the classic clown costumes made out of old hippie skirts. I showed this picture to one of my friends and she wasn’t sure what we were dressed as. Looking at the pic now, I would guess that we were hobos, not clowns! The wigs are hilarious… I love the “frosted” one on my sister. Remember frosted hair from the 80s? Maybe we should bring it back, girls…