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S- I really loved #10 issue: Travelin’ Crafty. There were some really great articles on crafts to do in the car, traveling for craft fairs, eating cheap on the road and a great interview with Jenny Hart. Does Croq do a lot of traveling for events? How do you guys spread the good word of Croq?

CZ- We haven’t done a whole lot of CROQ-specific travel, although our staffers live in all parts of the USA (and also in other countries), so we are represented in different regions by our staffers who attend craft shows and events. Maybe someday when we get a bigger travel budget, we’ll be able to do a bit more!

How do we spread the word? Well, lots of online methods (advertising, giveaways, blogging), and donations (goodie bag donations for various craft shows, prizes for shops and other websites). I also leave CROQ at my local hip hairdresser’s shop! Ha ha!

S- I feel so lucky to be apart of the craft community. As a kid I would never have imagined that I would actually have a wide community, all over the world, that enjoy the same sorts of things that I do. It is a really great time to be involved and to see it grow. Portland seems like an amazing place to be for the craft community. It seems like a strong place for community and craft events. For people that aren’t so lucky, do you have any suggestions for how to build up their own craft community in their local town?

CZ- Before I answer your question let me just extol the virtues of the internet! Without it, we would not have this awesome craft movement! It’s the juice that makes the craft scene go. Next, let me say how great of a craft scene Portland is… on ANY given day there are multiple crafty things happening. We have so many things happening that we have our own email list that emails us about every week’s events ( – it’s AWESOME!). I wish I was twenty again so I had enough energy to go to every craft event… there are so many great things happening in Portland.

Okay, so now to answer your question. How do you build up your craft community in a town that isn’t so craft-crazy as Portland? Use the internet to find others like you in your community. If you can’t find any, make sure you post around on all the crafty sites to let others in your community know that YOU are out there (sites that come to mind: the regional boards on,, and Create groups on your blog site, Facebook, or Myspace. Post notices on Participate in any small craft happening that happens within reasonable driving, biking, or bus distance. Put on your own events – organize a knitting group, a Church of Craft, or a Dr. Sketchy’s. These can be done with as few as two or three people. Once you establish a regular routine, more people WILL come. Organize classes or a craft show. Again, these can be done with a few people working together.

Not to tease, but we have an excellent article about “Crafting in a Small Town” in issue #11 of CROQ… it addresses this question better than I have here.

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