Attend Summer Art School

Heather in the style of Vincent Van Gogh, ATC 2004

I was just bemoaning the lack of art in my life currently (in any form), and practically the moment I posted about it on Facebook, I received an invitation from Milla to join Miss Stacey’s Summer Art School. Sounds like just what the headmistress ordered!

The class, based online and to take place right in your own space, is now registering new students. Assignments will be rigorous, yet forgiving. You can do what you have time to do, and don’t worry about what you can’t do. Class runs from June 22-Sept 7 (with a possible extension if the summer session proves successful). There is a pre-assignment going on currently, that includes two parts:

1. get out your paints and play around, experiment with painting on different textures, using different tools to paint

2. paint (and only paint) a self-portrait

Here’s a self portrait ATC I did back in like 2004 or something…

I’m gonna get out in my garage and start painting! Come join us!