Fun Ways to Spend 10 Minutes Creatively Online

I stumbled across a couple fun and creative ways to waste five or ten minutes today.

Jackson Pollock Simulator

This is so easy a toddler can do it (I actually found it via a toddler games website for my son!) – drag your mouse across the screen to drip and splatter virtual paint, click to change to a random color. So easy, yet so addicting. You’ll have to spend more than five minutes to get your virtual art to resemble Jackson Pollock’s heavily layered pieces, though!

Speaking of Jackson Pollock, have you seen the documentary called “Who the $&@!* is Jackson Pollock?“? It’s a super-interesting tale of a woman who bought an art piece at a garage sale for $5 that she found out strongly resembled a Pollock, and her sojourn to prove that it is authentic (the evidence–forensic!–is compelling) and the art critics’ society who refuse to accept it as a legitimate Pollock piece. You can watch it instantly on Netflix if you are a subscriber.

Notessimo – A Music Composing “Game”

I found this super easy and fun little online music composer and spent probably more than ten minutes “composing” a couple bars of a song online. You just drag and drop to create music. Fun!

You can check my 18-bar song here!