Interview: MuyinMolly

sweet pea jewelry setI love this jewelry, and the price is definitely right. You can get some extremely tasteful jewelry for very low prices! This shop is definitely a find!

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Tell me a little about yourself.

I was born and grew up in Taiwan. I have always been artistic and crafty and love trying out different art media. I love everything handmade and if I had enough time to learn the skills I probably would try to make everything myself! When I was in high school and college, my handmade cards were a hit at school fairs, but I never thought about making a living with crafts. At age 21, I went to England for my gold ringbachelor’s degree in music. After that I came to the US and finished my Master’s degree in piano performance. During the course of my study I picked up jewelry making by browsing instruction books at the bookstore. Two years after jewelry making, I opened an Ebay store selling jewelry and some household collectibles. A year later, I started selling on Etsy, and closed my Ebay store one month after that.

What are your main inspirations?

I am inspired by everything beautiful. Even though I had been trained to be a professional writer/musician who only does “serious Art”; my goal has always been to produce art that can be enjoyed and understood by amateurs. I love browsing through Etsy just to see other artists’ works and I am often amazed by the great variety and imagination these artists have to offer.

I also learn a lot from my customers. They often come up with different color combinations and designs that never came across my mind.

What is your favorite material?

Silver, pearls, gemstones and lampwork beads.

What new technique or craft has caught your eye lately? Want to try anything new?

I am always ready to try something new. I tried to make lampwork beads but haven’t touched the torch since I burnt myself last year…But now I am again ready to try PMC (precious metal clay) and basic metal working skills, which also involve a torch. I am hoping to have better luck this time.

What new item in your shop are you excited about?

I like the adjustable gemstone ring in my store. It combines wire and metalwork and has the look of fine jewelry without the price tag. I have done some custom work based the same design.

What advice do you have for indie business owners/designers?

Understand the environment you are selling in. I never sold at craft shows in the U.S., but my jewelry has sold well on both Ebay and Etsy. I believe this is because I spend a lot of time studying the structure of the website, so I can come up with the most effective business strategy.