Interview: PamelaMichelle

I’m loving these hand-etched, hand-painted pendants from PamelaMichelle. Check out this interview with the artist!

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What are your main inspirations?
Right now I’m interested in the forms of nature, modern design, Scandinavian art and graffiti. I like mixing inspirations and finding new ways to interpret the things I like to create new ideas and art.

What is your favorite material?
I love wood! I love to cut it, paint it, drill it, form it, burn it, destroy it, etc.

What new technique or craft has caught your eye lately? Want to try anything new?
Screen printing has come back into my artistic picture lately. I took a class in college, and I loved it, but haven’t touched it since. Now I’m picking it back up and being more experimental with techniques and processes. I love it. It’s a fun hobby.

What new item in your shop are you excited about?
My newest items are always my favorites, but this one I’m super excited about!! My Coral Butterfly is part of the ongoing evolution of my work. I plan to make more like this one.

What advice do you have for indie business owners/designers?
Hmmm, I’d say always have fun doing what you’re doing and always strive to be better at what you’re doing.