Interview: Pequenio Craft by Munieca

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Pequenio Craft by Munieca

Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Andrea, but I prefer that people call me munieca (that means “doll” in Spanish) I live in Argentina, I am a twin, I have two kids, a husband and a dog. I have degrees in Cinema and Photography, I am a Professor of EGB (basic general education) but actually I work in a studio of design. I love to draw, paint, work with paper and make collages.

matroyshka earringsWhat are your main inspirations?

I always feel inspired by big artists, crafters that I find on Flickr, blogs and etsy. I love toys and any stuff for kids! I am always inspired by Asian culture, like anime, movies, and its folklore. So I think, my little dolls, the infantil faces, birds and flowers, the colors, the kawaii are present in my crafts because this reason.

What is your favorite material?

Love Paper!!

What new technique or craft has caught your eye lately? Want to try anything new?

I use the technique of lamination, collage and illustration, all this is about paper… I feel attracted to this kind of crafts and art. I try to update and develop upon my own techniques. I can’t leave my principal material, the paper, but I always try to create over the created, with that I feel comfortable.

black butterfly broochWhat new item in your shop are you excited about?

My brooches are my weakness! I put on them all that I like! Illustrations, the paper, accessories, beads and charms! I think they are very cute!

What advice do you have for indie business owners/designers?

Do what you love! Put effort, originality into your stuff, be unique.