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Kitchen tricks

I don’t have that many, but there are two kitchen tricks I use a lot that always fill me with glee every time I use them because they are just so darn useful!

pastry blenderUse a pastry blender to make guacamole. Alton Brown doesn’t allow one-use tools in his kitchen and neither should you! My husband doesn’t like chunky guacamole (although I do), and I could never pulverize the avocado to his liking with just a fork. Enter the pastry blender! It easily mashes avocado and makes guacamole-making sooo easy!

whisk“Sift” flower with a wire whisk. I admit, I have a flour sifter (NOT the type recommended by Alton Brown – ha ha!), but I never use it (and it takes up a lot of space!). Instead, I put all my dry ingredients in a bowl and then stir them with a wire whisk. So awesome. It breaks up all lumps and incorporates all the dry ingredients beautifully.

I will never be the author of an amazing cookblog, but I do have these two tips to share with you!