My Stash: What I spend money on

yes, i really have 20 lbs of zippers in my garage

yes, i really have 20 lbs of zippers in my garage

Ah, the old salad days of yore, when I spend who knows how much money adding to my crafty stash. I still have a garage full of stashtastic stuff that I have toted halfway across the country with me. I just can’t bear to part with the twenty pound bag of multicolored industrial zippers I got at a dorm garage sale in 2002. Of course, when a new project comes up, I just have to go to the craft store to pick up “one or two” things necessary for completing my new opus.

The last crafty things I purchased were for a holiday ornament project I have yet to do: white glitter, fabric stiffener, and balloons (can you figure out what my project was from that list?). You know how long ago the holidays were…

I have put a moratorium on purchasing any new supplies this year. My stash is too large already, and with two little ones, I’m lucky if I have time to eat dinner, let alone wax crafty.

That doesn’t mean I can’t add to my kiddie craft stash, though! I admit I’ve fallen prey to the siren song of the loss-leader school supply aisle. Washable crayons for a dollah? Let me stock up! My toddler has a full arsenal of washable art supplies, from markers to paints, as well as every type of art paper a 2 year-old could possibly need for his precious scribbles. He even has a pair of high tech safety scissors (they don’t look like they did when I was a kid! They’re now entirely made of plastic–safe enough for my seven month old to chew on, if they fall into his hands.) I vicariously craft through my toddler, who sits in his high chair long enough to paint a few strokes on one wooden figurine before he gets bored and wants to “run around like a crazy guy.”

I’m actually quite the eco-crafter, too. I find it hard to throw away a lot of my trash because it has potential to be used as a craft item. Egg cartons, colorful cereal boxes, used wrapping paper, twisty ties, bread tabs, cans, milk cartons. I have a major case of tightwad angst against throwing this stuff away. It’s good stuff! I’m sure the day after our recycling bin is picked up, I will NEED that huge olive can for something! Hey it would be great for potting geraniums!

As a stay at home mom, you would think I have time for all that crafting I wished I could do back when I was working. I feel guilty, though, even starting a craft project when I know there are seventy-three domestic tasks I have been putting off. I feel like I just have to do those (Item fifty-two: sew blackout curtains for my toddler’s room so he won’t keep getting up at 6:30 every morning!) before I can start anything that is just for fun.

So when I add to my craft stash (okay, okay, I admit it, I did buy a vintage sheet at Goodwill recently. It would make such adorable reusable grocery totes), what I’m really purchasing is the idea of crafting. It’s just not enough to purchase the materials, you have to actually use them. Otherwise, they become the fabric of just another crafty quilt dream.