Quickie Project: Glam Art Paper

fish made with glam paper scraps

fish made with glam paper scraps

cheap acrylic paint
a sponge or rag, paper towels, etc.
cardstock (or regular paper)

Lay down some newspaper to protect your work surface.

glam paper atc

Take some acrylic paint (the cheap 44-cent a bottle kind is great, and make sure to splurge on a bottle of metallic, too), squeeze a dab onto a paper plate (or a piece of cardboard, or whatever) — maybe two colors next to each other, get a sponge damp and squeeze as much excess water out as possible, and then sponge the paint onto the paper.

Do not be alarmed by the words “sponge” and “painting” being used in the same sentence. This is not fuddy-duddy stuff. This is highly glam. Trust me. Especially with the aforerecommended metallic paint.

Experiment with just sponging lightly, more heavily, with smearing, with smearing in a circle (to make “rosettes”), with streaking, with layering of color, with adding metallic paint after the first round of paint has dried (or not). You can’t fail this project, so just try whatever you want.

Once you’re done, you’ll have sheets of unique fancy paper. You might have to iron it after you’re done and the paper is dry but sort of curled (just iron on a low setting and use a paper towel over the painted part of the paper to keep paint from getting anywhere). You can then use this paper for anything — making greeting cards, making Artist Trading Cards (cut it in 2.5×3.5″ rectangles), scrapbooking, embellishments for any kind of paper art. Oh, and don’t forget to check the scrap paper you used to protect the counter — it can be very cool too. I made this fish here with the scrap paper left over from my project.

Sheets of this unique paper would make a FAB gift for anyone who likes paper crafting, and this also makes a great project for

even more fish

even more fish


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