On Staplers

If you are a zinester, sooner or later you will probably want to own a stapler that has a longer stapling range than the standard red Swingline you keep on your desk.

Here are some of your stapling options:

  • I have a standard (not heavy-duty) long-armed stapler, which I use for CROQ. It has a guard on it to ensure it staples in the right place on the booklet, and comfortably staples through about 15 sheets. It’s less than $40 from an office supply place (or $30 at Amazon).
  • I have used a saddle stapler at work, which has heavier duty staples, but you must use it with something that is already folded. In my experience, it’s difficult to fold multiple sheets of paper neatly before they are stapled, so it’s not ideal for zines (but maybe there’s something I don’t know about saddle stapling?). Pricing starts at about $80.
  • I also have a long reach electric stapler which is the size of a sewing machine and operates with a foot pedal. It makes a really loud sound (like a staple gun) when stapling, and is great if you have a big stack that you must staple (and if you have a good workflow set up, where you don’t have to move to reach the stacks and thus remove your foot from the pedal)e. Retail for that is about $600 or you can find them on eBay occasionally (I got mine for $150).