15 Reasons to Bust Your Stash

woven stash trim by glumpire (via flickr)

woven stash trim by glumpire (via flickr)

I am a big fan of stash-busting and you should be too. Here’s why:

  1. I so rarely reach the end of any particular product (a cut of fabric, a jar of paint) but when I do, it just feels so great to have loved something enough to actually use it up.
  2. Even better than the feeling of having used something up is the knowledge that you will soon get to buy more to replace what you used up! And this time you actually HAVE to buy it because you need it!
  3. When something enters your stash, it’s there because you liked it so much that you had to have it. When you picked up that bolt of fabric, your mind flashed on all the amazing things you would make with it. When you brought the fabric to the cutting counter, it was like a sacred pact between you and the fabric. I will make something incredible with you, and only you. And now that it’s been sitting in your fabric bin in your studio for two years, you look at it and go, “really? a dolphin print in khaki and peach? what WAS I thinking?”

    Sad but true, the moment a supply enters your stash, it starts getting less fresh. Don’t let that supply live past its “use by” date!
  4. If it’s sitting in your stash, the supply isn’t doing anything! Once you use it up, you give it a life beyond your studio shelves. Make something, and either love it or let someone else love it!
  5. Stuff in your stash can give you a creative boost. Experiencing crafter’s block? Close your eyes and point to three items in your stash. Now pretend like you’re in a Project Craftway challenge and you HAVE to make something using those items. You’ll be surprised when three random items come together to create one cohesive item.
  6. Because you can’t find anything that’s filed away in your stash. Once an item is out of sight, you are much less likely to use it. When you open up your stash and come across something great, use it!
  7. It’s more environmentally friendly. Avoid all the crafter’s guilt that comes from further contributing to ecological problems that come from manufacturing and shipping new stuff. Build a project around items that you already have on hand instead of buying new supplies for new projects.
  8. Hoarding is sad. It’s sad because it means that you found something really great, but you’re depriving the world of its awesomeness by leaving it locked inside your stash. Even sadder, you’re depriving yourself of something great instead of enjoying it like you should be. If you are hoarding a special supply, make a deal with yourself to craft for yourself for once, using that special supply to make something all for you!
  9. Building a stash instead of using it is a form of denial. Some people, not naming any names, just like to shop for supplies, but never actually use them. If this is you, step one to recovery is to admit you have a problem. Step two is to stop buying more stuff! Step three, and this is the challenging one, is to sit down and start using all that stuff you’ve accrued!
  10. Because you need a break! Forget about the dishes and vacuuming out the couch and paying your bills (okay, maybe do that last one before you start busting your stash)! Those aren’t fun like making stuff is! You are building a stash so you can use it, so just use it!
  11. Because you don’t want your great-grandchildren to sell off your stash at the estate sale starring your stuff. Gather ye craftstuff while ye may, and then cut, sew, and be merry with it! You’re not gettin’ any younger!
  12. You just cannot use it faster than you will accrue it. You will never run out of stash, so just keep working on it! It’s a scientific fact.
  13. Face it, your craft corner is overstuffed. You need that storage space for something else! You need to reduce and USE so you can make room to live in, make room for your significant other’s personal effects, or just make room for more stuff!
  14. Because Christmas is in eight weeks! Do I need to elaborate? Maybe you should add a couple more handmade items to your gift list this year. Preferably large things that use up a lot of your stashtastic goodness.
  15. Because you’ve spent more on your stash than any other single item in your house! Now treat it with the respect it deserves!

Thanks to glumpire for the use of her photo.

15 Responses

  1. Becca Says:

    great thoughts! I’m inspired to start digging into my stash!

  2. heather Says:

    This is so true! I have drawers full of fabric, yarn, roll roving, we won’t even mention the entire room devoted to beads. I was just working on a list of christmas gifts to make, but now I think I’ll look again at what I have rather than making that shopping list for more supplies. thanks for the inspiration today!

  3. Velda/Glumpire Says:

    Shame on me, now I feel like the poster girl for stashers everywhere *blush*
    Rest assured I do follow the commandments listed above, so no hail Marys for me :D
    Inspiring post Heather, keep up the good work!

  4. Linda Says:

    You know you described so well the actual feelings I get when buying fabric, notebooks, scrapbook paper,etc but I couldn’t put it into words. Plus it’s nice to read that there are others.


  5. Rosanne Says:

    I know I’m not alone when it comes to hoarding my stash of stuff. I’m saving these reasons and gonna read them once a day! It is a shame to just let it sit. I’m staying out of the craft stores (at least till after the first of the year)!

  6. Carol Dean Sharpe Says:

    Thank you for the much need reminder and reality check! :D I’m afraid my stash of beads, fabrics, yarns, papers, stamps, paints…is severely embarrassing. (My husband thanks you as well ;o)

  7. Connie Says:

    But, but, but! Oh well, okay. I’ll do it.

  8. thebeadedlily Says:

    Great and entertaining read!

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  10. Jennifer Perkins Says:

    Excellent points. I had to start putting my foot down on buying new things all the time when my stash was busting at the seams and I was spending more on craft supplies than I was making.

    I like the idea about picking 3 random things and working with those. I also like to give myself color themes and that helps me use my stash.

  11. Michelle Wegner Says:

    Great article. I am properly shamed. :) I plan on using every item I have on the endless scrapbooking project(s) I am doing for my parents. My goal is not to spend another dime….until I’M DONE!

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