Calavera Sandwich

Perfect sandwich for the day after Halloween (Dia de los Muertos)!


Mexican “Dia de los Muertos” Sugar Skull (Calavera) Sandwich

~ Bread ~ Peanut Butter & Jelly ~
~ Mini Marshmallows ~ Assorted Decorations ~

This sandwich works well with peanut butter & jelly because the jelly shows through the eyes and nose holes and looks cool and creepy, but feel free to substitute whatever kind of filling you want.

  • Spread fillings on bottom slice of bread, set aside.
  • Cut eyes and nose holes in top piece of bread (eyes: I used a bottle cap. nose: you could use a heart shaped cutter, but I used a skewer to poke holes in the shape I wanted and then pushed the piece out of the bread).
  • Cut teeth out with butter knife.


  • Use any little doodads in your kitchen to create decorative dots, flowers, and swirls. Google “sugar skulls” for tons of decoration inspiration!
  • I used craisins, pumpkin seeds, mini marshmallows cut in half, chocolate chips and a mini cookie.
  • Other good materials would be: candy, fruit snacks, licorice, etc.
  • Fill in the teeth with something to make them show up (I used pumpkin seeds turned sideways).
  • Garnish plate with marshmallow dots.

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