Fun food: Frankensammie

Scary Frankenstein sandwich!

For this sandwich, I made a PB&J, and then spread a very thin layer of green frosting over the top. I cut off the sides and bottom crusts.

  • jelly: hair & monobrow
  • apples cut with melon baller to make them round: eyes, nose
  • honeydew melon ball in half (from frozen fruit mix): ears
  • frozen blueberry, halved (from mix): pupils
  • piece of lunchmeat cut with melon baller: mouth background
  • piece of apple: tooth
  • heirloom cherry tomato, quartered: weird lips
  • remaining crust pieces: bolts in neck

Thoughts: For this guy, I drew a picture of the face before I started (earlier in the day), but I didn’t have specific materials in mind before I started, and it shows! I am still trying to figure out what a good material for making darks is (the hair, the background of the mouth). And, the flavor mix is a bit odd… um, frosting with lunchmeat on it? If my kid was older than 2, that probably wouldn’t fly!

Buttercream frosting: I had it left over from another project, but y’know, it could be very convenient for fun food making to just have small amounts of different colored frosting in the fridge. It seems to keep for a long time.

Style: I like the off-center facial features… sort of reminiscent of a Picasso. If I would have offset the eyes, maybe!