Help me out with the Crafty Clipboard

If you are a CROQ reader, you might be familiar with a regular page we print near the beginning of the zine that poses a question and then has responses from various people from here or there. YOUR response could be printed there if you just take time to answer!

Next issue’s question is:

How did going to art school (or not going) affect your current crafty life?

So you can post your response here (if you do, leave your name so I can attribute your quote to you), or email it to me at heather AT

Keep it to 2-3 sentences (or two twitter tweets!)

One Response

  1. Deborah Says:

    I did not attend art school, however, art was my A+ subject all the way through to high school. My family is very creative – my generation, my mother’s generation, my grandmother’s. My son is computer creative. My niece’s daughters take after their grandmother and great aunt – ME! Sometimes art is IN you. Education can certainly enhance it.