Lion Nummie

I have been trying to make cute food  since I started reading my friend Kellie’s Little Nummies blog. This lion is influenced by her techniques, which include using grated stuff, and using cut outs of sandwiches, and raisins for facial features.

  • I cut the sandwich roughly in half horizontally (separating the top from the bottom of the bread) and used a small cup to cut out the half-circle for the body.
  • I used the half-circle cutout for the head (turned upside down) and then cut part of the top part of the bread into ears.
  • I used cut up raisins for the facial features, and grated carrot for the mane and tail tuft.

    It’s kind of hard to describe how I cut up the bread, and although I’m sure you can figure it out, I drew a little diagram anyway. :)