Nine more weekends until Christmas!

Are you making any handmade gifts this holiday season? If so, you should think about sitting down and brainstorming a timeline because the holidays are coming soon! Only nine more weeks to go!

Here’s a handy guide to help you plan:

Week of Oct 20 (9 wks to go): Make a list of handmade gift recipients, make a list of items you will be making for each. Determine the length of time it will take to make each gift.


Recipient List = Gift to Make = Time it will take
Grandma J, Grandma W = quilted tissue case = 1 day
Mom, Mother in Law = knitted scarf = 5 evenings while watching TV x 2
Sister = retro apron = 1 day
Brother = duct tape wallet = 1 hour
Dad = homemade hot sauce = 1 day to shop/pick produce, 1 day to can
Co-workers (6 people) = homemade hot sauce = same as Dad’s gift
Other friends (20 people) = homemade candy in tins (3 varieties) = 3 days
Holiday party gifts (3 gifts) = hot sauce & candy = see above

You will then designate which projects you will work on each week. Take into consideration such factors as whether you will need to mail the gift (complete earlier rather than later to ensure it makes it to its destination on time!), whether the item needs to age (as in the hot sauce above) or if it needs to be made and then immediately given away (as in the candy above). Factor in other obligations that will cut into your crafting time, such as parties, doctor’s appointments (although you can take some projects along in your bag for the dreaded waiting room), travel time, etc. Don’t forget that you probably won’t have time to work on as much if you have obligations during Thanksgiving week (the week of Nov. 24).

Fill in the following blanks with your own personalized to-do list, and input it into your email calendar or iGoogle homepage to help keep you on track!

At the beginning of each week, remind yourself of what you have scheduled for that week, and don’t forget to finish up any lingering projects from previous weeks.

Week of Oct 27:
Week of Nov 3:
Week of Nov 10
Week of Nov 17
Week of Nov 24 (Thanksgiving week)
Week of Dec 1
Week of Dec 8
Week of Dec 15
Week of Dec 22 (xmas week): finish unfinished gifts

With a little planning, you can enjoy the holidays and avoid the dreaded feelings of stress that can come along with making handmade gifts at the last minute!

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