Quiltsplosion 2008

Quilting stuff everywhere!

Every year, my mom and I like to have a quilt “sweatshop” to make quilts for an entire year’s worth of baby shower gifts. In years past, we have made 20 and 17 quilts, respectively during our sweatshop marathons.

In years past, our sweatshop has been at least five days of sewing, but this year I just had time to devote a single day to the sweatshop. I got to craft for one entire day with no interruptions (which is rare these days, with my two kiddos in the picture!) Our final tally for this year: Two completed quilts, and one top (not finished)

The first sweatshop year, we used up about half of our collective pre-cut 5″ blocks, and last year, we used the rest of our pre-cut blocks up. It felt so good to bust that stash!

Quilt #1 with bias tape binding

This year was also all about stashbusting, but all our fabric was in full pieces, not already-cut blocks, so we played around with a different design than our go-to “Trip Around the World” one patch.

Our design was inspired by filminthefridge’s Blocks & Stripes Quilt.

We used fabrics that we had on hand (stash-busting!), an old Ikea sheet for the background, and an old comforter for the batting. Just trying to use up the stash!

My mom made bias tape for the first quilt. Binding a quilt with bias tape was a first for us! (Link: a nifty tutorial for a DIY bias tape maker!)

Our quilts were planned on graph paper, but the rows of random blocks and stripes were only loosely laid out, making these half-planned, half-improvised quilts.

I designed the block rows to use a combination of 6″, 4.5″ and 3″ colored blocks along with either 3″ or 1.5″ lashing between them. Then I calculated how many of each block one row would need, and sewed nine of those rows (for the three quilts). I threw in a few random blocks while I was sewing the block/lashing rows.

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