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TV Craft Watch: My Name is Earl

Crafts are all around us, including on TV. This week’s episode of “My Name Is Earl” (Episode: “Quit Your Snitchin'”) featured a good t-shirt recon on one of TV’s craftiest personalities, Joy. Her hair accessories alone are worth featuring on this blog every week.

Looks like they used some filet crochet to make the shoulders and inset side piece for this t-shirt reconstruction. This would be a decent t-shirt recon project to attempt if you had an old filet crochet tablecloth or something like it. You could also use some wide lace subbed in for the crochet for a similar look.

I’m pretty sure the filet crochet was custom made for this particular piece, but you could easily upcycle some existing crochet for a fun, feminine t-shirt.

BONUS USE for your t-shirt recon: use it for your Joy costume for that white trash theme Halloween party!