Crafternoon 11/25

My friend H. and I decided last week that we should just make a regular weekly appointment to get together to do our crafty stuff. We both have two little guys, so for the most part, the little guys occupy each other and we are able to do some light crafting together. The setup is great because it gives us an opportunity to do stuff that we don’t take time to do by ourselves when we are alone with our kids!

My project was one I saw at One Pretty Thing’s Daily DIY: a knotted scarf from Martha Stewart’s website. I have had some super-bulky yarn in my stash for oh, three years now, and it’s sooo bulky that I didn’t know what I should do with it, other than make fake dreads (and nobody in the current vicinity is in need of fake dreaddies!), so this project was PERFECT. It was super simple and only took about an hour to complete, which is amazing.

So thanks, Rachel, for the great idea!

H, who is a crafty ninja, worked on this amazing lampshade remake, covering the lampshade in cork – I love it!

I’m hoping to take photos of H’s handmade Christmas ornaments next week, when the crafternoon is at her house!