Good 90s Crochet – Sort Of

I actually liked a few patterns from the early 90s crochet mags I scored at my mom’s last week.

Okay, this plaid crochet tote is cheesy in execution, but I like the crochet plaid concept. Plaid is hot this fall, did you know? I can imagine a plaid Burberry crochet handbag–I would totally rock it. Speaking of crocheted high-fashion ave you heard of the Counterfeit Crochet project? It’s a website that advocates recreating designer bags with crochet. I just clicked over there to link to them for you, and they actually had a crochet Burberry plaid bag pictured… whoo!

And this crochet Native American doll with papoose is cute, and fits in with the current amigurumi trend. This would be a cute Thanksgiving decoration.

I noticed a strong southwestern theme in the 90s crochet magazines… I’ll just sneak a bad one in here:

Eww, this afghan-cum-sweater coat is hideous… I like the navajo afghan pattern, but as a coat, it’s an obvious fail!

And then back to the amigurumi thing. I thought this Cow Over the Moon mobile was a cute idea:

I have a couple more to share, but I’ll save them for my next post.