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Christmas Crafting


I’ve been at my parents’ house all weekend. This was unplanned! We meant to come up for Friday afternoon and spend the night and drive back on Saturday, but it has been so snowy here that it’s not safe to drive home. We heard that our house was without power and water, so the choice was easy – stay here through Christmas!


The first couple days I did a bit of crafting. I made stockings for my boys, and a holiday table runner from a stash of holiday fabric I’ve had for like five years. I only made the tiniest dent in my holiday fabric stash. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to add something to my New Year’s Resolutions list about using it up this year! (Excuse the cruddy photography! I don’t have all my standard equipment).


My sister and I made two batches of Norwegian cookies: sandkakes and krumkakes (shown here). I made some chewy toffee, and I am in the middle of my first-ever batch of penuche right now (I’m in the cooling down phase before the stir-it-for-ten-minutes phase).


My mom has a WHOLE BUNCH of international Christmas decorations. This is a “smoking man” from Germany. You light incense and it looks like he is smoking. He appears to be a toy peddler. I love the little toys hanging from strings in his hands!

So, that’s me this weekend. I have been fairly craft-free, electing instead to loaf around and watch movies. Ahh, vacationy!