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Handmade Holiday Stuff For Me


I made a couple things “for me” during this holiday break. First, I made two stockings for my sons, who have been without personalized stockings since they each were born. I made these red corduroy with cream corduroy cuff jobbies for them to go with the ones I made for my husband and myself years ago. I wisely thought ahead and got a metric ton of both corduroys in case of offspring. I still have enough left for maybe five more kids, so I think we’ll be covered for any future children’s stockings. Or maybe by then I’ll want a different style of stocking!


I thought the cropping on this photo was funny, since my 2 year-old was trying to reach into the frame as I shot the picture.

I used a super-narrow zig zag stitch on the sewing machine to make the “embroidered” names. I wrote the names on the fabric in pencil and then sewed over them. Straight lines look awesome, but the curves gave me a bit of a challenge (see the “S” above). Also, the “W” was a little weird, but oh well!

Since I was just using an idea out of my head to make the stockings, I didn’t have the specifics that a pattern would have provided (although while I was sewing I was imagining what markings I would put on a pattern if I drafted it, and the instructions to accompany the pattern). I think I made the stockings needlessly complicated, when I could have done a super simple lined stocking with no real-working cuff, and it would have taken me about twenty minutes.

I did some fancy-dancy stuff with the cuffs, which turned out fine when all was done. Since the cuff was going to be turned over when displayed, but had to be sewn on inside the stocking, I remembered to put the name-part of the cuff upside down, attached to the lining. But I had a few hilarious mishaps with the placement of the fabric loop at the top of the stocking.  Basically, the fabric loop ended up: 1) underneath the cuff once it was turned over, then 2) on the toe-side of the cuff (not good for hanging! like one of those “what’s wrong with this picture?” 4th grade puzzles), and then 3.) sewed to the lining and looking a little funky, but passable since it took me so much time to correct my first two mistakes.

Anyway, it was fun. I love making things with no pattern. I know it’s weird but I really like it. It’s a sudoku-like challenge for my brain.


Here’s the lining fabric from my Christmas fabric stash. I think it’s pretty cute! Too bad you will never see it!


I also made this quilting-inspired table runner from some of my stash fabrics and some of the cream corduroy. I have almost no holiday decorations, so I wanted to start building my arsenal. I love the way this turned out. LOVE the red topstitching, too!


The reverse side is more of the stash fabrics string-pieced together. I love it!

I had a great time crafting for myself. I almost never make things with myself in mind. I think my New Years’ Craftolution will be to make more things for myself. I am working on black and white granny squares to make into an afghan for myself. I should be done sometime this year! I have about fifty squares, but I need about a hundred or so more! Plus assembling them.