Hoodie-Felted Sweater Mashup

I recently reconned two hoodies for two little kiddos for a Craftster-based kids’ hoodie swap.

For this lavender hoodie, I used a felted sweater to make the pockets, hood, and the little spider reverse applique.

First I cut up the sweater. I turned it inside-out and cut the sleeves off carefully at the seams, and left the rest un-cut just to leave the maximum possible area of usable fabric.

To make the hoodie, I cut off the existing pockets and used them as a template for sweater pockets. Then I held pocket cuff area up to the cuff of one of the sweater sleeves and cut a same-sized piece for each pocket. I sewed the cuff to the felt pocket piece, and then sewed the pockets to the front of the sweatshirt where the old pockets used to be.

I reverse-appliqued the spider to the left chest area of the sweatshirt using a dryer sheet with a spider drawn on it as the template for the spider.

I cut off the hood, cut it along the center seam and used the pieces as a template to cut the hood out of the sweater body. I cut the bottom of the sweater cuff off of the body of the sweater, and then laid one piece of the hood down on the body, with the hood front facing the bottom of the sweater and the top of it along the side sweater seam. I used the existing sweater seam for the top of the sweater, and then sewed a new continuing seam as the hood curved away from the seam.

Then I sewed the hood to the sweatshirt, and blanket stitched the hood with lavender yarn to bring the lavender color back to the area around the face (I didn’t think the beige was that cute along the face area).