Hoodie Swap Received

I received these adorable altered hoodies from MacesMeMe on the Craftster kid hoodie swap, and they are so adorable! They’re really perfect for each boy.

Lewis got the tractor hoodie and this is what he said when he saw it: “Is that dirt? Is that a backhoe loader? With tires? And more dirt?” It’s obvious he was looking the whole thing over. He loves it. He has been wearing it backward all day so he can see the tractor on it.

The tractor is stenciled on (great stencil – 2 color!), with appliqued dirt and wheels, and a stud in each wheel.

Evander’s has a big E on it, and a super cute elephant squirting water and a free-waving ear and tail. Sooo cute. His also has an elephant applique on the front, coming out of the front pocket. So cute! The elephant is stenciled, with button eye, appliqued ear, and string tail.

These are so cute, and perfect for my little guys! Thanks MacesMeMe!