Reverse Applique Trick

I recently tried making a reverse applique for the first time.

I used a cool little trick for the reverse applique that I haven’t seen anywhere else online…

I used an old dryer sheet to draw my applique on. I placed it over the
sweater bit to choose which part of the sweater would look good as a

Then I placed the sweater piece underneath the sweatshirt, and pinned the
dryer sheet to the front of the sweatshirt to use as a template as I

When I was finished sewing, the dryer sheet tore off pretty easily.

I cut off just the top layer (the sweatshirt) inside the area I sewed, and got a cute reverse applique with minimal effort.

4 Responses

  1. Hoodie-Felted Sweater Mashup | Croq Zine - The Blog Says:

    […] reverse-appliqued the spider to the left chest area of the sweatshirt using a dryer sheet with a spider drawn on it as the […]

  2. Vone Says:

    I love the dryer sheet tip – I’ve been wanting to try a reverse applique on something but haven’t found the project to do it on yet.

  3. Heather (How to be a Woman..?) Says:

    Awesome! I’m trying to learn this stuff, but always mess up when transferring the pattern to the fabric. Thanks for sharing! Love your spider.

  4. V and Co. Says:

    see we can figure out lots of ways to use those sheets!