Sister Diane’s Salt Dough Recipe

Yesterday my friend and her sons came over. I took the two year-olds and made salt dough ornaments with them via Sister Diane’s recipe in her cool Christmas Zine.

I added a cup of cocoa powder to one batch because I want to make a garland inspired by these felt ornaments (which were inspired by gingerbread, so it’s a chicken and egg kind of thing).

(Sorry for the poor photos… someone’s fingerprints are on my camera lens and I didn’t know it until now, and it’s night. Impatient!)

I am probably going to make royal icing to decorate these because I have everything on hand for it, and it’s cheap, and I don’t want to add any new craft supplies to my collection if I can avoid it at the moment. However, I thought it would be super simple to use dimensional (fabric-type) paint to decorate them… just an idea! Hmm, maybe I can just use acrylic paint?

The boy in the top photo is my friend’s son. He LOVED making these. He played with the dough for about an hour. You can see his creations on the pan above (all the light-colored dough is his). My son made one and was bored, UNTIL I had him make a handprint (a quintessential way to use salt dough, I might add!), and then he couldn’t get enough. We used up all the dough making handprints, which is a good thing because we could have been there all night given an unlimited supply of dough!

I’m going to let him paint his handprint so we can hang it on the tree. I also had the baby make a print or two.