File under inspiration: Antique jewelry

Red Robin Antiques has a huge page of very cool antique jewelry photos and descriptions, perfect for some jewelry or art inspiration. Since I can’t easily stumble the pieces I like or add them to my wists because of the sheer number of photos on the page, I’m posting some of them here. Enjoy if you want!

There are hundreds of photos on the one page, but here are some that I thought were interesting.

Victorian Applied Gold Japonaiserie Bird Locket
This is
a lovely example of a Victorian piece done in the Japanese style with
applied mixed-metals (yellow and rose gold) features two birds in a marsh
setting.   These pieces were very popular in the late 1870’s and
early 1880’s.

(I love the buckle motif!)

Victorian Buckle Sterling Locket and Chain This classic Victorian piece
features the very popular buckle motif.

(I love that this has the daisy in various stages of blooming)

Victorian Daisy Sterling Heart Locket This lovely Victorian locket features
a daisy in various stages of blooming. The back
has been engraved with the initials that are too faint to read.  The
first initial is definitely an R but the other two are too hard to make out.

(This necklace is awesome enlarged–click to see it! Plus it’s my birthstone.)

Victorian Garnet Gold Necklace Lovely circa 1870 Victorian necklace set with a
series of three garnet drops (a total of 17 drops) on a 14k gold foxtail
chain.   The garnets are a pinkish lavender color and the drops
measure 1/2 of an inch in diameter.

Victorian Etruscan Stone Cameo Gold Festoon This striking Victorian festoon
necklace features three carved stone cameos set in elaborate bloomed gold
Etruscan style frames.

I wouldn’t actually want to own this brooch, but I think it’s interesting to find out about popular motifs of the day, like Day and Night.

Victorian Day Night Shell Pearl 14k Brooch Pendant Beautiful example of a
very popular Victorian motif, Day and Night.
This elaborate shell cameo features “Day” with the suns rays
behind her head and an out stretched eagle while “Night” has
poppies in her hair (sleep), a quarter moon and an owl.  The
brooch/pendant has a very elaborate frame of leaves set with seed

Edwardian French Cut Steel Earrings Gorgeous all original large French cut steel
earrings with glass drops.

Jugendstil Plique Marcasite Pearl Silver Pendant This gorgeous Jugendstil
pendant features  plique-a- jour enamel in a beautiful shade of
turquoise set with with marcasites and garnet pastes and accented with a
Mabé pearl and a large freshwater pearl drop.  The pendant is most likely German in origin.
A nearly identical pendant is featured on a very well known English web site
and was made by the firm of Levinger and Bissinger.

Edwardian Citrine Sterling Necklace Striking
Edwardian citrine necklace set festoon style with silver chain.  I
have seen this style done with seed pearls but not done with sterling
chain which makes this piece much easier to wear and not as

There are LOTS more very cool pieces on the page, but these ones will get you started. Which ones caught your eye?