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On my sticks: Leethal’s Waving Chevron Scarf


I’m not much of a knitter, but a Threadbanger post by Leethal last week encouraged me to try a new project in the form of Lee’s own Waving Chevron Scarf. I LOVE the striping in my scarf! I think it’s so pretty!


I have a whole bunch of hand-me-down yarn of dubious origin in sherbet colors, and I really loved the way the yarns stripe in Lee’s pattern, so I used some cool variegated acrylic (I have a soft spot in my heart for that stuff!) that goes from salmon to butter yellow to grey and looks atrocious when knitted or crocheted up by itself. It looks pretty awesome in this scarf, though! I paired it with some orange sherbet and some vintage faux mohair in magenta (the color name is “American Beauty.”) These colors aren’t typically me (I wear a lot of navy blue and brown!) but I secretly always want to wear orange and hot pink, so I’m thinking this scarf is the way to go!

It took me awhile to get started since I haven’t knitted in probably three years, but I am clipping along now.

I also logged onto my new-ish Ravelry account and updated my profile with some of my projects. I uploaded even the embarrassing ones (all of them! ha ha), so feel free to take a look and friend me!