Panda Party


E’s first birthday party was fun! The theme was panda in honor of this stuffed panda E got for Christmas and instantly fell in love with. The dress code was black and white, and party goers received stripey black and white scarves and panda badges to wear.


I wanted to make most of the decorations and try to use what I had on hand, although there was a bit of dollar store component too (the stripey scarves were from the dollar store).


My sister and I made the panda badges out of felt. We hot glued the features on, and used fabric paint for the white panda eyes.


I made some black and white birthday pennant-style flags to hang up as decorations. All the fabric for these was already on hand (the gingham was from a reycled shirt, the white fabric was from old curtains). I sewed the pennants onto a candy garland I crocheted for holiday decorations.


Since my two boys were the only kids attending the party, we made a simple game appropriate for a 2-1/2 and 1 year old to play: Pin the nose on the panda. I used recycled diaper tabs on the back of the noses to make them stick to the felt. Both boys enjoyed the game, but E played it multiple times. We didn’t bother with blindfolds since the boys are so young!


I made panda cupcakes (actually not cake – no bake Oreo dessert).


And panda rice balls. We also made homemade panda-shaped pizza, but I didn’t get a photo of that.


There are some more non-crafty photos in the gallery:

10 Responses

  1. Kate McKinney Says:

    Fabulous!! ADORABLE!

  2. Kelly Anne Says:

    Love it!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    You’re panda rice balls are so cute is it just rice and black olives or is there more i would love to make those.

  4. Croq Says:

    It’s just sushi rice (Calrose, prepared as instructed on package) and olives!

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  6. Rachel Says:

    saw this on the Perfect Pandas email… just love the rice balls, and they look so easy to make! wonderful, simple ideas! (your E has good taste in stuffed toys!)

  7. Shauna Says:

    Wow. My friend sent me a link to your blog this morning because I am throwing a my sons 1st birthday party tomorrow and the theme is PANDA too! And its because he’s madly in love with his Ikea panda, haha! I have searched hours on the internet looking for inspiration and never came across your blog. I just realized you just posted it. I also did lots with felt. I bought some bargain fabric at the fabric store and made a table cloth then made a panda head out of felt about the size of a volleyball and put it on the side of the table cloth so that when it hangs over the edge of the table it will be right at my sons eye level. I made felt panda finger puppets for all the kids. I making one big panda cake. I bought black and white balloons and printed out pandas on my computer and am going to tape them on the balloons. I love our idea of pin the nose on the panda. I may have to steal that :) Its great to know that Im not the only one throwing a panda party. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Great job!!!

  8. Sally McEntire Says:

    Brilliant fun party idea! I want to steal it. I wonder if I can talk one of my kids into it? Maybe I’ll just throw a panda party for no reason at all!

  9. Kitten Muffin Says:

    Awesome! The cupcakes rule, but the rice balls win! My girls love both rice and black olives, so this will definately happen at our house soon.

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