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Swapped: Piratey Goodness

I’ve been swapping up a small storm to get over the post-holiday crafting doldrums. I made these pirate-themed crafts for a person on Craftster who was flaked on in a pirate swap. Since I love all things pirate, I stepped up to send her an “angel” package.

Sister Diane
‘s salt dough struck again for this ocean-y garland. I was kind of thinking Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean version) and his heart/key thing, plus the sealife that takes over the undead pirates on the Flying Dutchman. But in a subtle way! This garland says “beach house” to me a lot more than “pirate.”

I love how the starfish turned out! The salt dough texture is perfect for starfish skin!

I stamped these notecards from a hand-carved stamp I made awhile back.

I made a calendar out of a CD case (I designed all the pages, too). You can download and print the calendar here and make your own!

And I crocheted a quick pirate choker with a fun skull & crossbones button from the dollar store:

The thing I most loved about what I made was that I used what I had to make it! I get a buzz from stashbusting!