From Grandma’s Attic: Knitted Map of the World Cardigan

I visited my grandma this week, and she gave us stacks of old knitting and crochet patterns to look through. There was a pattern for this map of the world cardigan, and my mom and aunt told me that my grandma had actually knitted one for my grandpa. I didn’t remember it, so I asked her about it and she pulled it out. She said my grandpa chose the yarn and everything for the project (but that she made the USA on the back of the cardy LAVENDER because it’s her favorite color!)

She also showed me a cardigan she knitted that had bowling pins & balls on it. Apparently my grandpa wore it on bowling night. Love it!

3 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow. That’s amazing. I love maps. And I love that your grandpa wore lavender on his back. :)

  2. Sara Anderson Says:

    what a great piece :) i love the family history behind it.

  3. Bernice Says:

    I knitted 2 of these in the 1980’s – one for me, & one for my Dad. We both still wear them. I’ve been looking for the pattern for ages, as it was in a library book. Could you please tell me the title of the book, and any other information (e.g. author, publisher, isbn, etc?)
    Thank you very much.