How to Make Stuff With Duct Tape

Duct tape crafting isn’t new, but here are some basics for those who haven’t ventured into the world of duct tape fabric:

The Sheet:

Most duct tape creations are made using the Sheet. Basically, you cut
pieces of duct tape the same length, then take one piece and stick it halfway overlapping a second piece.  Fold one end over to create a “good” edge.  Keep overlapping tape until you have the size of sheet you need. You will need to trim the side edges; I use a paper cutter. (So hard to describe the process in words, but really a fairly simple concept. I hope the graphic helps.) The resulting piece of duct tape “fabric” is what you will use to make whatever creations you come up with.

To Join Two Sheets:

To join two duct tape sheets to create a 3D object (such as a purse!), lay sheets out side by side, leaving a very small gap. Tape over gap on both sides. Continue to add pieces until you have your object constructed. If you don’t think it’s sturdy enough, add more tape to reinforce!

The Long Strip:

To make a long strip, like for a strap, stick two pieces (usually about
10-12″ each) back to back, making sure to leave an exposed portion of
tape at each end so you can add length to the strap.  Once you have the
length you want, go back over the entire thing and fold more tape over
the edges to create “good” edges.)

Duct Tape Vocab:

Good edge: an edge that doesn’t have any raw tape edge exposed.  Made by folding a piece of tape over the raw edge.

Here are some duct tape hints from the ductaholic community at LiveJournal.

You will find out many of your own duct tape insights during the first five
minutes you start working with duct tape!  Sometimes, the best way to
learn is just to jump in and try it!

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