Swap Sent: Junk Jewelry Charm Necklace

I made a few necklaces for a Craftster swap, and I just LOVE the way this one turned out! My swap partner also liked it. She said: “I love it!!  It is amazing and looks so cool on, I can’t even tell you!”

The shape of it is inspired by a necklace Enora wears in the movie “Serenity” (watched while working on this project – ha ha! love it when inspiration strikes like that!). The point of the swap was to make a necklace or bracelet with stuff you have laying around your house. I had a lot of vintage jewelry that I used for a project awhile back, plus some broken jewelry.

I got a lot of this stuff at Katherine’s house when I was doing a zine reading at the library with a make and take craft project. I made packets of random goodies to glue to magnets, thumbtacks, and pin backs. So the project is long over, and I still have a decent amount of random (mostly broken) jewelry.

What’s Katherine’s house? Katherine is a friend of mine who collects bins of jewelry from Goodwill and separates, cleans, and matches it all up. This is her hobby and she loves to do it. Her house is FULL of jewelry, and she sells earrings for $1 a pair, so I’ve gone over to her house a few times and purchased stuff, either for projects, or just to wear. A lot of the components of this necklace were gotten from trips to Katherine’s.

1. The star is from some 80s-looking star earrings. I used it for a link in the necklace, repeated two or three other spots on the necklace (near #10 and past #16). The bead cluster was found in my mom’s bead box. I had attached it to a stitch marker, but I removed it to use for this project.

2. The apple is from a necklace I got for my bday from Erika from Texas Haute Sauce. It broke, so I cannibalized it for this project.

3. The green bead cluster is from a necklace I got from Robotpop.etsy.com.

4. Wrapped pearl is from some earrings I got from Katherine’s. Net-covered pearl (on #11) is from same pair, and little pearls on #7 and #15 are also.

5. A rhinestone button I wired to a jumpring so it would face forward (not down)

6. Black charm from a pair of (vintage?) earrings from Katherine’s.

7. Pearl, from #4 earrings. Wooden glittery heart I wired to a link, also from Katherine’s. Gold diamondy-shaped thing from Katherine’s, too. I added the other one on the opposite side (#11) to keep the feel of the necklace symmetrical.

8. I love this one! Rhinestone cluster from a vintage clip-on earring. I wired it to an oval-shaped chain loop – I think it’s cool!

9. From a pair of earrings, also from Katherine’s. The red bead is from the necklace mentioned in #2. The button is combined with a small piece of these cool art deco earrings I got (yep, at Katherine’s… I’m telling you, her house is amazing!)

10. Another star link (#1) and a bead cluster from same necklace as #3

11. Other half of diamondy earrings in #7, pearl/net bead from #4 earrings. Random gold/pearl at the top is from Katherine’s.

12. Cool telephone from a pair of clip-ons from Katherine’s.

13. Green freshwater pearl from same necklace as #2.

14. Petit point from a pair of clip on earrings – I bent it when trying to remove the pokey part that was sticking out of the back of it! Oops! I still like it, so I used it.

15. A button + pearl combo. Simple, but I like the look!

16. The butterfly is from a barrette I got in the late 90s that never quite worked for me, ’cause it closed in the opposite direction I part my hair in = it would always be upside-down the way I would naturally use it!