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Interview: Ziazia

I am in love with the textile art of Vanessa from Ziazia! I love her use of color combinations and texture in making her beautiful purses, totes, wallets, and wristlets. Here’s a little interview:

Shop name/URL:

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a 23 year old visual arts student, mother of a lovely 3 year old boy, I live in Tijuana, México with my son and my boyfriend. I am obsessed with color and fabric, I can´t seem to have enough. I started sewing when I was in high school wanting to alter a few of my clothes because they didn’t fit right. My mom bought me a sewing machine and that same machine is the one I’m still using.

What are your main inspirations?
Right now I’m working on pieces that are inspired by the human body, especially the female body. It started with a project I’m working on for a class at the University, and it’s about the formation and transformation of my body in different contexts, starting with family and how we each have pieces of us that we didn’t actually choose: the nose of our father, our skin color, etc. And investigating the body, I grew fond of the pleats in our skin, the lined that time draws in us, a lot of texture. I’m also inspired by the fabric I use.

What’s your fondest crafty memory?
I have a lot of memories from when I was a child, maybe 3-4 years old, and watching my mom make me big bows for me to wear on my pony tail. I loved those big bows. I used to go with her to the crafts store and pick out color ribbons to match my outfits. It makes me smile just remembering those times. My mother was and still is quite a crafty person, I think she was a role model in that aspect and what got me started working with my hands.

What’s your favorite material?
Cotton fabric, hands down. Any kind of cotton fabric in bright bold colors. I love combining different textures and colors.

Any new techniques or crafts that have caught your eye lately?

I want to take on screen printing full on. I have done it in the past and it pops up in my work every now and then, but I want to set up a work area especially for it in my home. I learned the non toxic way in a class and I loved it so I’ve been saving up and thinking of the space in my little home. Expect some screen printing work in the fall collection.

What new item in your shop are you excited about?
I’m really excited about a basic design I’ve been making for the spring collection that consist of bright bold colors, round corners, a tote type bag but with a more flexible use, a bag that goes everywhere with you. It closes with a zipper and it has adjustable strap. The idea is just that: adjustable, comfortable and bright.

What advice do you have for indie business owners/designers?

Work, work, work, and work some more! I think that’s one key point. I’m really bad at promoting and joining social networking sites but I do try a lot of thing and I think that everyone should do what works and feels well for them, whether it be with promoting, events or material for their pieces. Different things work for different people.