Kid Activity: Stick Letters

My two year-old is very into the alphabet, and pointing the letters he knows out whenever he finds them out in the world. He can also make a couple of “important letters” – the first letter of his name, L, and the first letter of his brother’s name, E.

He had a lot of fun doing this activity: making letters with toothpicks. He naturally created a few letters and pointed them out. After he exhausted his repertoire of letters he could create himself, I made letters for him to see if he could identify them. He did a pretty good job!

To do:

Provide child with several sticks. I used 8. If you aren’t comfortable with toothpicks as the stick, there are lots of good alternatives! You can use pretzel sticks, crayons, or even green beans.

Allow child to play with sticks on a clean surface (we used the high chair).

You might want to start the play out by making some familiar letters (if you want the activity to revolve around letters — it certainly doesn’t have to! Playing with little sticks can be fun on its own!)