Make a Toy Stove Out of Plastic Storage Container

My son loves to cook (for real, and pretend), and I am so drawn to all those adorable mini kitchens that are way out of my price range (not to mention out of my storage capacity). We were playing with his toy pots and pans the other day when I saw an errant plastic storage bin (the ones that are about the size of a shoebox). I turned it over and pretended it was a range, and then thought, a-ha! here’s a good solution to our lack of play kitchen!

The best part? When you’re done play-cooking, you can turn the range over and store all your play dishes inside!

Project Materials:

  • Plastic storage bin
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape

To make:

  1. Cut out one piece of construction paper the size of the bottom of your plastic bin. I used black.
  2. Cut out two spirals for the range-coils on the stove. I used red. (To cut spiral: Cut a circle, then cut a spiral into it. When you get to the center of the spiral, turn around and cut a bit off of one side of the spiral all the way back out to the edge of the circle.)
  3. Glue spirals onto base piece of paper.
  4. Attach paper to inside bottom of bin with double-sided tape.

Alternate ideas:

  • Draw the range-coil shapes onto the paper instead of gluing separate paper spirals.
  • Glue the paper to the bottom of the bin instead of double-stick taping.

15 Responses

  1. jo Says:

    You know that they say about great minds!
    I made a similar one using a sturdy card box, paper plates on the top as the hob and it has a flap door with is the oven. Ebi-kun drew on all the buttons and switches. It also doubles as the cooking toys storage box ;o)

  2. craftydame/amy Says:

    what a fabulous idea!

    and even better, it’s not pepto bismal pink!

    everyone around me keeps having babies, and i’m so horrified by the gender roles that are emphasized by the toys available. i can’t even walk into toys’r’us, it terrifies me so!

  3. Kathy V. Says:

    Great idea and so practical. When the child has a good imagination, he doesn’t need something lifelike that takes up too much space.

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  5. Denise Says:

    THat is such a great idea!!

  6. geek+nerd Says:

    That’s just adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. smokz Says:

    just have to say fabulous idea re storage AND stove in one!

    My son (3.5 yrs) and I have been cooking on a cardboard box turned onto its side so the flaps can be the oven doors; spiral hobs drawn on top; and also on top near the front edge, we shoved champagne corks into some holes for knobs (I cut an X with a craft knife to stick them in – no complicated circle cutting and holds nicely).
    works like a dream and cooks yummy food, but cooking stuff all over the house and garden, so should use it to store as well!!!

  8. Croq Says:

    @smokz That sounds like a great stove!!

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  10. hadley Says:

    Now THAT is a GREAT idea! It would be great to take anywhere too! Fun on vacation, at grandma’s etc.

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  13. Tony Says:

    Great idea! I’m going to be fav uncle this weekend, thanks

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  15. pimapen Says:

    THat is such a great idea!!