Swap Sent: Arrested Development Crafts

I participated in an Arrested Development (TV Show) theme swap on Craftster, and here is what I sent: a black t-shirt with a velcro strip on it and letters you can use to make it spell different AD-related stuff. The idea behind the shirt was from GOB’s Segway pouch that says “GOB” on it (and P/Resident in one episode, I think). I didn’t include all the letters, sadly, because I didn’t have them all…

I made this mug with a silhouette of GOB on his Segway (I wasn’t exactly aiming to focus on GOB & his Segway as a theme – ha ha!). I cut a stencil, spray-glued it on (that was a little much, by the way! I had to use Goo Gone to remove some of the adhesive!), and then used a Pebeo Porceleaine 150 Paint marker. You use the marker just like a regular marker, but then you bake the ceramic to fix the design.

Then, this is funky… it’s a needlefelted Buster finger puppet… Kinda creepy, but kinda funny!

6 Responses

  1. Claire Says:

    I love it! Especially the Buster needle felted fella. (He is who we named our pug after. ^-^)

  2. Mr Badge Mister (Andrew to friends!) Says:

    I used to be in a band that used those tee shirts as part of our stage show!

  3. Vone Says:

    Funny – I’ve been thinking about making a shirt like that for years.

  4. diana Says:

    Your letters turned out much better than mine when I tried something similar – did you paint them by hand or…?

  5. Croq Says:

    @diana The letters are pre-made (embroidered and iron-on). I got them at the craft store. They’re Generation T brand and I think they were $6-8 for the package. I ironed them onto felt and then used sticky-back velcro to stick them to.

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