Crocheted Ribbon Beaded Necklace

Happy Together recently had a tutorial for a ribbon and pearl crocheted necklace that was inspired by a Lanvin necklace. I had these huge wooden beads hanging around and some ribbon (I only had black and red), so I tried my hand at crocheting a similar necklace. Instead of attaching the beads after the necklace was crocheted, I strung my five beads onto the ribbon before I started crocheting, and then incorporated them into the crocheting at specific intervals.

This necklace is big and bold (probably a little too big and bold for me), but I like the technique and I definitely want to play around with the idea a little more.

About Croq

CROQ Zine is a print zine devoted to hip crafting and indie business. Our first issue went to print in Summer 2005.
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