Fun with Bulk Cereal

Here’s a really early Halloween costume idea (for you last-minute parents who like to plan ahead!) or just a fun toddler diversion: use a bulk cereal box as a quick costume.

How to:

  1. Remove or staple flaps inside box. (I removed the bottom flaps and stapled the top ones to add reinforcement for the straps. I stapled smooth-side in so the nubs of the staples couldn’t catch on the kiddo)
  2. Staple straps on. I used a skinny scarf from the dollar store (left over from my son’s birthday party), but you can use fabric, ribbon, etc.
  3. Put it on the kid and go!

If it was really a halloween costume, I would dress the kid in a black shirt and pants (or yellow, or white, etc. to coordinate with cereal box).

You can’t tell by the photo but this is super-adorable and funny in real life.

Alternate Idea:

  1. Use same construction concept, but paint box and add assorted recycled materials to make it into a robot (or any other creature desired). Hmm, that sounds like fun, I might have to do that today.