Make a Hobbit Hole in Your Garden

We went to the Oregon Garden a few days ago, and I was happy to see this “hobbit hole” in the children’s garden! I would love to have one of these in my yard!! It was made with a big drainage tube, and had round plywood doors on each end of the tube. The earth had been mounded over the tube and then covered with grass and plants. They built a nice T-shaped door frame over the hobbit door, and there you go! It’s so cute!

I want one of these!!

2 Responses

  1. Regina Says:

    WOW! The kid in me is SCREAMING to have one of those in my yard! Very, very cool. We’ve got a bit of room in the side yard so that must might make an appearance (one day). I happened upon your site via Apartment Therapy and it’s a treasure trove of projects I intend to try with my daughter! Thanks for taking the time to post them all.

  2. mazxim Says: