Craftster Pioneer Swap Gallery

I hosted a Little House on the Prairie/Pioneer swap on Craftster, and everyone was a good swapper and sent packages and posted pictures (no flakes!)

Rules for the swap were that they could send anything inspired by Little House on the Prairie (any iteration), the Oregon Trail, or pioneers in general, and a restriction on money spent for materials: “Because Pioneers had to be resourceful, please do not spend more than $10 on new supplies for this swap, instead, drawing on your stash to make things if possible.”

Here are some of my favorite items that were swapped. Click here to see the whole craftster gallery.

Pioneer doll by ysmeine.

Pine needle gourd bowl by pinokeeo

LOTS MORE cool photos, so click “MORE” for more.

Leather game by pinokeeo

Amazing fur & leather journal by pinokeeo

Inside the journal by pinokeeo

Knitted “log cabin” purse (that I got!!) by superhooker

Amazing shawl (that I got!!) by superhooker

About the shawl: Your large item is a “Heartland Lace Shawl.” It was designed as a tribute to the west, and especially the buffalo. If you look at the lace, the main motif is shaped like a bison-hoof, and diamonds that point in all directions. The border lace is called “River of Life lace.” The shawl is knitted from yarn that I unraveled from an old sweater.

This is a hand-woven birdhouse basket by likeiceiscold (wow!!!)

A cornhusk doll by likeiceiscold

Tin can punched lanterns by likeiceiscold

This is a gathering apron by SevsOnlyGirl

What’s a gathering apron? Well, you use it to gather up fruits and veggies. Here are SevsOnlyGirl’s instructions for using it: on each corner is a buttonhole – button these to the pockets and then lace the ribbon through the buttonholes in the center at the bottom. 

Click here for Gathering Apron instructions

A bonnet by Frosty772

A doll by Frosty772

Doll by Becca’s_Song (I think it’s interesting that all the dolls in the swap were faceless! I think Mary’s and Laura’s dolls had faces in Little House in the Big Woods!)

Decorated tin cup by Becca’s_Song

I made this quilt (I had to do something big after the amazing shawl I got from superhooker). It was ALL stash fabric… I can’t believe I had enough decent fabric that coordinated and looked suitably pioneery. I went with plaids, calicos, and log-cabiny/woodsy prints. It was pretty big, too — about twin size.

And I happened to have several yards of this cozy wood cabin flannel for backing.

Cool old fashioned map stationery by ohsweetie

Covered wagon charm bracelet by camelama

I love the western fabric choices on this bag by camelama