Craftster USA Quilt Blocks Swap – in progress

I’m participating in a Craftster swap where 8 of us are making blocks themed after each of the states in the USA. I have six states, and I have to make 8 of each block (for a total of 48 blocks – a couple people are making extra states).

This is my Wyoming fabric. I sewed it up (photo at top) today. I love how it turned out!!

It takes me about 2.5-3 hours to sew 8 blocks up (not including cutting – I do that separately). That’s not TOO much time, but with two little boys, it seems like a huge chunk of time!

Here’s my main Arizona fabric. It’s not at all what I envisioned when I planned my AZ blocks (I have spent quite a bit of time in AZ and I was going to go for a Tucson-inspired palette: sage green, dusty purple, and rusty red-rock orange).

Here’s my North Dakota block. I got the sunflower fabric at Knittn Kitten – my Portland, Oregon craft thrift store. I associate farming (especially sunflower farms!) with ND, so I wanted to do a farming theme. I like the green farm fabric I ended up with.

Here are my Missouri fabrics (Got them all at Knittn Kitten!!) – I’m using apples on my MO block because I just got done reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s biography and she spent most of her adult life on her farm in Missouri, and she called Missouri “the Land of the Big Red Apple.” I’m also using a print with two boys on it that resemble Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn (Mark Twain was born in Missouri)… so I guess my Missouri block is sort of literary!