USA Quilt Blocks in progress

I’ve made almost all the USA quilt blocks I have to make for the Craftster swap. This one is Arizona, and I love how it turned out. My original idea was inspired from the time I’ve spent in Arizona, and the houses and sights of Tucson (I was gonna go with purple, sage, and cream or red-rock orange). Then when I was hunting for fabric, I found some sort of Grand Canyony fabric that didn’t go with anything (bright purple, orange, yellow). I haven’t gone to the Grand Canyon yet, so that’s not MY Arizona. So instead of my original idea or the Grand Canyon, I chose this main fabric by Moda because of the Native American inspiration and the turquoise.  so yeah, I guess it’s the colors.

North Dakota: Done
Wyoming: Done
Arizona: Done
Oregon: Done
Missouri: Have 3 fabrics, all cut out
Colorado: Done

Just Missouri left to go!

I made two versions of the Colorado block (excuse the shoddy photos) because I didn’t have enough of corner fabric (in photo #1) — I got it and the white fabric with grey trees on it at my favorite craft thrift store in Portland, OR, Knittn’ Kitten. I chose the blue fabric (it has something like dandelions on it) because it reminded me of all the wildflowers in Colorado plus it also reminded me of snowflakes. The white has grey trees on it, which reminded me of winter in CO, and the purple reminds me of the Rockies.

I also had a CraftFail or three while sewing up some of the Colorado blocks:


Here’s the Oregon block. The main fabric really looks a lot like Oregon (reminds me of Crater Lake). The 2nd fabric is green because when I think of Oregon, I think of GREEN! And the 3rd fabric is kind of funny but I guess a lot of people in Oregon hunt (and it coordinated w/the other fabrics)… altogether the block is a little more rural than I wanted since I’m so much a Portland girl, but it was so hard to pick fabrics for my home state!!