Make Tape Sculpture, Win Prizes

photo from here

I can totally get behind this contest from Scotch Tape: the National Tape Sculpture Contest. They aren’t paying me to say this: I love their tape. I used to work in college bookstores, and the only tape that was worth anything (to hold our sometimes 70 lb boxes together) was Scotch/3M’s clear packing tape. I use it to package up my CROQ orders, and I always have a bulk package of this tape on hand.

You can win up to $5000 and a year’s supply of tape.

About the contest:

From now through February they’re accepting photos of statuary and sculptures made from packaging tape, with the winners and runners-up receiving various cash prizes, and tape.

From Scotch: We’ve worked with tape artist Mark Jenkins ( to produce instructional videos on how to make sculptures out of tape which have been posted online – – as a primer to those who are new to DIY decorating with tape. Details of the contest, and photos of Mark’s own amazing sculptures, are also available online at, or,