Sprouting Wheatgrass

A couple weeks ago, Marie posted instructions for how to grow wheatgrass at Make & Takes. Marie made it sound so easy that I rushed out to the grocery store to pick up some hard red wheat berries (you can get them in your local health food store in the hot cereal or gluten-free section. I got Bob’s Red Mill brand).

I let my 3 and 2 year-old boys help, so the planting process (which is simple) was hilarious. We planted about 12 pots of seeds (mostly tiny 3-for-$1 pots from the dollar store). “Planting” doesn’t really describe it, because all you have to do is spread some soaked seeds on the top of some dirt. When my 3 year-old and I transported a few of the larger containers to the kitchen, the 2 year-old stayed outside with the pots and supervised.

We arrived back to the scene to a few broken pots and every container emptied into our bag of potting soil! I haven’t checked in two days, but there is probably wheatgrass growing in the bag of soil. I reclaimed as much of the soil and seed mess as I could, but the pots definitely don’t look as perfect as they did!

The wheatgrass is sprouting along, two days later, but there isn’t too much to see yet. I’ll check back with an update in a few days when we get some green!