Growing Wheatgrass in Different Containers

This was our wheatgrass on about day 4. We tried planting it in several different containers: an owl ceramic container (no drainage hole), a bamboo utensil cup (also no drainage hole), a large green terracotta planter, several small terracotta planters, and a dollar store metal cake pan.

My favorite is the cake pan because it’s visually high-impact! A tray of grass is just cool! The roots end up taking a bit of space at the top, so if you go this route, you should DEFINITELY leave about an inch of clear space (no soil) in the pan when you plant to avoid showing off the roots.

The pan is an awesome spring/Easter centerpiece (I even saw a tray of wheatgrass as set dressing in a Pottery Barn photo).

Now I just need to figure out what I can do with my wheatgrass (beside just looking at it!)

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