Retro inspiration for trash crafting

I super love Absinthe and Orange’s series on retro crafting – she has posted some great ideas found in the dusty pages of old crafty magazines. One of my favorite projects are these squashed soda can owls. I used to see squashed soda cans on the road ALL THE TIME when I was a kid in the 80s, but I definitely don’t encounter them as much these days. I guess these days people don’t chuck their cans out their car windows when they’re done drinking, and that’s a good thing! I love the ingenuity of the 70s craft writers – they did so many amazing things with trash.

Check out these Tennis Ball Can Vases with mod girls on them! So cool! Craft from 1976 Better Homes & Gardens.

I don’t have tennis ball cans, but these also look like Pringles cans (uh, not that I have any of those, either!) You could adapt this idea to use any kinds of canisters you DO have, like juice cans, tin cans, baby formula cans, or even glass jars.

I don’ t have any 1970s Better Homes & Gardens books or magazines, but I am lucky enough to own the entire set of the Family Creative Workshop: over 20 volumes of 70s arts ‘n crafts goodness.

Resources for Retro Craft Goodness: